running on vacation

I went to the beach with my family last Wednesday thru Sunday – to Nags Head, North Carolina.  A quiet, beautiful part of the world.  Especially this time of the year.

I didn’t run the first morning, just too tired.  And it was really windy – the weather report used the word gusty – and cold.  The day flew by and ended in a blink and I didn’t feel present.  I felt like I was still in transit, not at home, but not really at the beach yet.

The next morning was a little warmer, but still windy and a little chilly, but I got up and ran.  

With the strike of my foot against the ground it was as though I was instantly planted into the present.  Here I am!  It’s morning and I’m a part of it.  I’m at the beach – my location is settled.  I’m alive and living.  Fresh, salty air enters my lungs and my heart beats and sends Oxygen to every part of me.  I feel awake and grateful to see and be a part of the morning, the day, my life.

my view while running

Charles Bukowski has a book titled The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills and is a phrase we use frequently at our house.  We have young kids and I’m nearly 40 and time, it seems, has gone into hyperdrive.  A quote from Bukowski’s book of poems is “My part of the game is that I must live the best I can.”  Running has become essential for me to do just that.

For me, running has become a way to be ushered into the present moment.  And while time normally thunders past me like a pack of horses, time seems to slow to a crawl while I’m running.  I’m free to think, to dream, to be inspired, to remember to be grateful and to center myself.  I finish the run and am part of the day and my life.  So even though we arrived at the beach on Wednesday, it feels like vacation didn’t start until I became planted in the present, after my run on Thursday morning.


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