just signed up for my first race ever

I’ve just signed up for my first race ever!  WOOT!


I’m going to do a 10k on May 17th, right before my 40th birthday.  I wanted to do a 10k because honestly the distance is outside of my comfort zone right now and running a 10k would really feel like an accomplishment.  A 10k to me is probably like a marathon to you.

I’m going to be doing one of the 13.1 races and will benefit JDRF.     Continue reading “just signed up for my first race ever”

running on vacation

I went to the beach with my family last Wednesday thru Sunday – to Nags Head, North Carolina.  A quiet, beautiful part of the world.  Especially this time of the year.

I didn’t run the first morning, just too tired.  And it was really windy – the weather report used the word gusty – and cold.  The day flew by and ended in a blink and I didn’t feel present.  I felt like I was still in transit, not at home, but not really at the beach yet.

The next morning was a little warmer, but still windy and a little chilly, but I got up and ran.   Continue reading “running on vacation”